Tennis Elbow First-Aid Treatment | Elbow Treatment Tennis Elbow First-Aid Treatment By far the best method to cure tennis elbow is by being proactive to what causes the condition. Then we can immediately treat the first signs of injury with the RICE method. RICE is basic first aid for any injury. It has been created to minimize damage to the area and speed the recovery process. Rest from aggravating activity that causes you pain and prevents the swelling from going down. Change the type of activity that you do to a non-weight bearing activity such as swimming or cycling to maintain your fitness levels. Apply ice to ease the pain and initially constrict the blood flow to the area to reduce further injury. Compress the area by putting on a support bandage to reduce injury to the area. Elevate the arm to prevent further injury. To find out more on what tennis elbow treatments available for you, click on the link below:

Tennis Elbow Injury | Elbow Treatment Tennis Elbow Injury Before we even start to use a tennis elbow treatment it is worth looking at how we might be causing the injury to ourselves. Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is an injury that occurs through repetitive motions of the wrist and forearm. This is particularly common with tennis players if the player has bad technique when playing a back hand game. The following are a few fundamental steps you can take to prevent injury: a) have a professional tennis coach assess the way you play. b) wear a protective arm brace – this can certainly help by cushioning the elbow, muscles and tendons from the shock of the tennis ball hitting the racquet. c) always warm up and cool down after each game paying particular attention to stretching the wrist and the shoulders. If you happen to become injured then what are the symptoms that you should look out for? a) gradually worsening pain b) an increase in the area of the pain from just the outside of the elbow to the forearm and back of the hand when either grasping or performing a twisting movement. c) a weakness in the wrist when grasping objects or trying to unscrew a jar lid etc. In addition to all the above if you are unfortunate enough to get tennis elbow then there are a variety of treatments available. Find out more on what tennis elbow treatments available for you at:

Tennis Elbow Symptoms | Elbow Treatment Tennis Elbow Symptoms Just because you don’t play tennis, or any racquet sport for that matter, doesn’t mean you can’t develop tennis elbow. In fact, 95% of all cases are people who aren’t tennis players. People between the ages of 35 and 55 are the most commonly affected by tennis elbow. Unfortunately, many people just think that it is just the aches and pains of getting older. This can be a problem. If you ignore the symptoms, they can worsen. If you wait too long, by the time you actually go to a doctor, it can take years to fix. Financially it can take a toll as well, as you find yourself handing over hundreds of dollars to find a cure. So before you wake up and can’t stretch your arm out or open the door on your own, here are some symptoms you should look out for. At first, you may just feel a little tender in the elbow area. From there, it may progress to the forearm, where the muscles start to feel tight. Unfortunately, this is one of those injuries that will get worse without treatment. So if you start to get symptoms similar to this, rather than just ignore them, have them looked at. The worst thing that can happen is it turns out you are fine. Find out more about tennis elbow treatments available for you at:

Tennis Elbow Cotton Support Braces

Tennis elbow cotton support braces come in various sizes and shapes.  These braces are used to help alleviate pain by reducing the tension on muscles and ligaments.

These braces basically hold the ligaments in the same position on across the elbow so that they do not rub against the bone when you move your arm.  When I have experienced the pain of tennis elbow, I used one of the brace supports and it helped me tremendously.

As an avid golfer, I found that my elbow started acting up after I started hitting a lot of irons on the practice range in the spring.  Once I used the cotton support elbow brace, the pain in my elbow did not occur when I swung a golf club.  If this helped me, it can also help you.

Tennis Elbow Brace

Additionally, the use of a tennis elbow brace, a compression band placed around the upper forearm, may provide relief and reduce tension at the attatch,ent of the tendon. The mainstays of the initial treatment plan are R.I.C.E., Rest the affected part, Ice massage over the elbow, Compression with an elastic bandage and Elevation of the elbow to decrease inflammation.

Cotton Tennis Elbow Brace

A tennis elbow brace is often an effective treatment for lateral epicondylitis. By altering the forces on the forearm muscles, the tennis elbow brace removes pressure from the affected area. 

How can you get rid of elbow inflammination?

Answer:Sounds like you have what you have is "tennis elbow". This is a straining of the ligaments connecting the muscle to the bone. A simple elbow brace, or one that you tighten right below the elbow will anchor the tendon in order to let it heal.

Beige Tennis Elbow Support

One of the easiest ways to help cure tennis elbow is to use a beige  tennis elbow support pad.  This tennis elbow support is fine for wear during athletic activity, work, or at rest to reduce pain and speed healing of tennis elbow.  The interesting feature of this device is that there is a pouch in the support band that holds a gel pack.  This gel pack can then be heated in the microwave or frozen in the freezer to provide either heat or cold onto the elbow where tennis elbow occurs.

Tennis Elbow Support, Beige

Learn how to treat your tennis elbow pain. A tennis elbow support can be a great help in preventing the return.

Elbow Pain Relief

What we suffer from is a susceptibility to golfers elbow (as opposed to tennis elbow) being the top of the elbow that hurts. It’s a form of tendanitis that is actually caused by the flexing of the tendon running from the elbow joint to … I’m writing this with an elasticated support on my elbow which does help when riding but I’m told the only way to help it is to rest the arm for a week or so.