Tennis Elbow 2009 – Preview 1

1st preview of the upcoming tennis game “Tennis Elbow 2009” from . This is still the TE2006 game engine, but the rendering is updated to display the new 3D players with the court in 16 format.

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Tennis Elbow 2009 – Preview 3

3rd preview of the incoming “Tennis Elbow 2009” tennis game from . This preview features the new ball physics, as well as the new 3D female players, and some part of the new gameplay. The AI in it is very _BASIC_ and is surely not the final one..! Its goal and purpose is just to send the ball again and again.

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Tennis Game – Tennis Elbow 2009 v1.0c [Part 1 – HD]

Gameplay of the tennis game “Tennis Elbow 2009” from . This video is there to show all the new stuff since the initial release of TE2009. Mainly new strikes, new leg animations, gestures, etc… I’m playing against a Defender with 100% in topspin, which is the hardest kind of player to beat, because it requires a lot of patience & a lot of focus to not miss the rare occasions to win the point. I do a so so job at that, mainly because I lack of practice… 😉

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Tennis Elbow 2009 – Gameplay 1

Gameplay of the tennis game “Tennis Elbow 2009” from . I play as a volleyer (on down part of the screen), and the CPU plays as a power baseliner. He kinda bashes me, but it’s only because I lack training at the net… Once you’re familiar with the controls, you can turn off the visual helpers to aim the ball and position your player.

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