Elbow Pain Rehab Video – Tennis Elbow, Lateral Epicondylitis

injuryrehabadvice.com THIS HURTS! What hurts… Outer elbow joint. How you hurt it…: I’ve flyfished for 22+ years and never had a problem. However, last August (2009) I was practicing a new casting stroke for 1 week straight every day for about an hour. When you hurt it…: August. I have stopped the offending activity and just when I think the pain is gone, it comes back after stressing the elbow joint. Your pain level (1 is low, 10 is high pain): Now after almost 10 months, the pain is gone so long as I don’t use my arm. As soon as I try to do something like using a screwdriver or anything that requires tortion of the forearm brings back the pain (delayed onset) to about a level 3. Other activities that bring back the pain are flyfishing. Your age and overall health…: 52 and relatively good health although I do have an inguinial hernia or so I think that surgery did not fix. It’s either a hernia or a ruptured muscle since 6 six years ago and won’t heal. Any other information you feel is relevant…: My body has never healed quickly. I have old pains that have never gone away completely if I stress the particular joint/muscle (ie shoulder) I’ve seen an orthopedic surgeon who referred me to a PT but felt my elbow pain was getting worse so I stopped seeing her. She diagnosed me with ulnar nerve entrappment but I haven’t had the numb fingers any more Please help! YOUR INJURY COULD BE… Tennis Elbow, Lateral Epicondylitis REHAB YOUR INJURY BY… Please watch video.

Kinesiotape for Tennis Elbow

Dr. Scott Swanson at Parkside Chiropractic in San Francisco demonstrates Kinesiotaping of tennis elbow. www.parksidechiro.com, www.drscottswanson.com. Parkside Chiropractic 2394 31st Avenue San Francisco, CA 94116, (415) 566-7134.

How to Stop & Cure Tennis Elbow Pain – Know & Do the Right Thing

www.curetenniselbowpain.com Most treatment regimens for tennis elbow or lateral epicondylits address the pain. That is not enough. Tennis elbow is a partial, complete or developing tear. You must know what to do even when the pain is altered to allow healing, balance and protection of the elbow. Lateral epicondylitis often recurs, is intermittent, becomes chronic and bilateral. Know why and what to do to get a long-term cure. Award winning best-of program guarantees a cure. Check out the url now.

Tennis Elbow Treatment and Exercise Program – Part 2

www.FitnessContrarian.com Mike Cola from Fitness Contrarian explains his treatment for Tennis Elbow. •Quick tips do get rid of tennis elbow •Intergraded and isolated exercise approach to cure and prevent tennis elbow •Full demonstration of the tennis elbow treatment program If you enjoyed this video, then make sure you visit my web site http and subscribe to my e-mail list. Every subscriber will receive a free report about – What’s The Secret Myth That’s Holding Back Your Workout Results? Best – Mike