Tennis Elbow | Tennis Elbow Explained — Tennis Elbow Tennis elbow or called lateral epicondylitis may occur at the lateral or medical epicondyle as a result an acute or chronic injury. It is commonly associated with playing tennis and other racquet sports, though the injury can happen to almost anybody Inflammation caused by single or multiple tears within the common tendon of origin. May also be the result of periostitis caused by repeated sprains. The characteristic symptom is pain over the lateral epicondyle when resistance is applied to the wrist extensors. Conservative management consist of anti inflammatory modalities, rest, and maintenance of motion, which progresses to strengthening. The surgical approach is used when nonoperative therapy has failed Splinting or support may be used to relieve tension on the tendons insertion into the bone To learn more about tennis elbow, please visit :

Tennis Balls & Rackets : About Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is often developed when a tennis player uses an incorrect stroke or when the strings are too tight or stiff on their racket. Learn about the inflammation of tendons and ligaments from the wrist to the elbow, also known as tennis elbow, with help from a USPTA certified tennis pro in this free video on tennis elbow and injuries. Expert: Lincoln Ward Bio: Lincoln Ward is a USPTA Certified Tennis Pro. He has 13 years of competitive playing experience, as well as 10 years of coaching experience. Filmmaker: Todd Green

Hand Exercises For Carpal Tunnel & Tennis Elbow – Athletic Therapy Feature

Handmaster Plus is featured on Body Mind & Soul TV. Dr. zachary describes proper hand exercises for carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. Whether is hand, wrist finger thumb, elbow rehabilitation, therapy, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, arthritis, fracture or sprain, hand exercises through full natural ROM’s using Handmaster Plus are indicated as athletic therapy.

Tennis Elbow Exercise – Rehabilitation Exercise to Relieve Pain in Outer Elbow

Great stretching exercise if you have problems with tennis elbow and extensor muscles in the forearm. for more info.

Treatment for Tennis Elbow

We use Active Release Therapy to treat and resolve your tennis elbow pain. The pain is a result of scar tissue and degeneration within the muscles and tendons which enable your wrist to extend back. This is a motion required during your tennis swing. The scar tissue and degeneration is caused by overuse and repetitive motion. Visit us at or for more information.

Sky Sailing: Tennis Elbow (w/lyrics)

The Song tennis elbow by the musical genius Adam Young. Includes lyrics in the actual video. Lyrics Cell phones and travel stations Ringtones and new relations Say hello to all your friends for me Several calls are made to Thailand Wound up in Prince Edward Island And my head feels like it’s ready to blow I served and scratched a rainbow So curved, I felt the pain go Through my joints And now I don’t wanna play Swinging down, I sent the birdie Downtown, At 7:30 And I’m convinced that I’ve got tennis elbow We are lost in the sound Close your eyes, and I will twirl you around We are lost in the sound Close your eyes, and I will twirl you around We are lost in the sound Close your eyes, and I will twirl you around