Tennis Elbow Cotton Support Braces

Tennis elbow cotton support braces come in various sizes and shapes.  These braces are used to help alleviate pain by reducing the tension on muscles and ligaments.

These braces basically hold the ligaments in the same position on across the elbow so that they do not rub against the bone when you move your arm.  When I have experienced the pain of tennis elbow, I used one of the brace supports and it helped me tremendously.

As an avid golfer, I found that my elbow started acting up after I started hitting a lot of irons on the practice range in the spring.  Once I used the cotton support elbow brace, the pain in my elbow did not occur when I swung a golf club.  If this helped me, it can also help you.

Tennis Elbow Brace

Additionally, the use of a tennis elbow brace, a compression band placed around the upper forearm, may provide relief and reduce tension at the attatch,ent of the tendon. The mainstays of the initial treatment plan are R.I.C.E., Rest the affected part, Ice massage over the elbow, Compression with an elastic bandage and Elevation of the elbow to decrease inflammation.

Cotton Tennis Elbow Brace

A tennis elbow brace is often an effective treatment for lateral epicondylitis. By altering the forces on the forearm muscles, the tennis elbow brace removes pressure from the affected area. 

How can you get rid of elbow inflammination?

Answer:Sounds like you have what you have is "tennis elbow". This is a straining of the ligaments connecting the muscle to the bone. A simple elbow brace, or one that you tighten right below the elbow will anchor the tendon in order to let it heal.